Detailed engineering of Hengam Gas refinery under

supervision of APS engineering (Italy)




  Hengam Gas Treatment Plant (Detailed Design)

Main Contractor: 
  Jondishapour Co.
Engineering Subcontractor:  
  Rahbord Energy
Project Location: 
  Persian Gulf

  80 MMSCFD Associated Gas including

  4 Stages Gas Compression (LLP, LP, MP & HP)

  Gas Sweetening Unit (DEA) and Regeneration System

  Gas Dehydration & Dew Point Control Unit

  Sulfur Recovery Unit

  Utility Systems including Steam Generation, Fuel Gas

  System, Utility/ Potable/ DM Water Systems, Instrument/ 

  Utility Air System, Nitrogen System, Firewater System,  

  Flare System and Open & closed Drain Systems

Technical Category:  
  Gas Plants
Services Performed:  

  Detail and Procurement Engineering & As-built  

  Drawings of Gas Treatment Plant

Estimated Man-hour:  
Project Status: